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Some potential fetal conditions that might arise is high-risk pregnancies have been highlighted by the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin include:

Unfortunately, there are various cases where an expecting mother does experience a high-risk pregnancy for one reason or another, but if a newborn becomes injured during the birthing process, it is important to question how and why this injury occurred.


Was Your Little One Significantly Harmed During Labor and Delivery?

We rely heavily on our health care professionals to provide us with the care and treatments that mend any illness we may be suffering from. Expecting mothers turn to their hospital health care professionals during labor and delivery to help bring their child into this world free from harm. While everyone expects their physicians to be well prepared and experienced to handle the cases brought their way, unfortunately, not all are.

A doctor has a standard level of care they are expected to abide by, and when they fail to provide this, someone generally gets hurt. According to statistics, 157,000 mothers and/or newborns suffer from medical malpractice in one year.

If your child or someone you know has experienced a traumatic birthing process that resulted in an injured baby, it is important you become aware of the next steps that need to be taken to ensure justice is served.


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A newborn baby is quite fragile, and there is only a limit on how much care that can be provided to them. When a baby is harmed during delivery, the ramifications caused because a doctor or nurse failed to provide their patient with the care they required are often quite serious. Some common types of birthing injuries and impairments that appear in babies include:


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We strive to provide our children with the care, love, and protection they require and when someone inflicts harm upon them that causes them to suffer for any length of time, we often want to recognize these individuals for their inconsiderate ways.

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