This is what can happen due to shoulder dystocia at birth in Michigan

Dearborn, MI – Parents who are expecting a new child have a number of concerns about their child’s future health and safety. The crucial times during birth and delivery have the potential for serious injuries, and shoulder dystocia is one such scenario that can occur. If a newborn child has experienced an injury related to shoulder dystocia, their parents have the ability to bring a lawsuit against the people responsible.  

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What is shoulder dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia is a type of complication during the delivery of a baby. This is essentially when the child’s shoulder gets caught on the area near the mother’s pelvic bone. A common indicator is when the baby’s head retracts back into the birth canal. If this happens and certain preventive measures are not taken, the baby can sustain injuries such as nerve damage and oxygen deprivation. In rare cases, the child can even suffer from fatal damage. Medical professionals who work in maternal health and delivery should receive special training regarding how to handle signs of this condition to prevent additional damage. 

Other concerns and risks 

Aside from damage to the baby, mothers may also possibly experience bleeding and uterine rupture when this condition occurs. The chances of Michigan shoulder dystocia are increased by larger babies at the time of birth, or when the mother is obese. Additional risk factors for the mother to have these kinds of problems include diabetes and being over the age of 35. 

Birth injury lawsuits in Michigan

A family that has experienced problems due to improper procedures handling their child at birth has the right to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation. A birth injury lawsuit is a type of medical malpractice case that gives the family the opportunity to ask for damages that reflect the severity of their child’s injuries and other related losses. This may require a doctor in the relevant field to confirm and corroborate the allegations of negligence of the defendant in the case. Because there are special rules for bringing medical malpractice cases, this matter should only be entrusted to Michigan shoulder dystocia lawyers with extensive experience and success in this practice area. 

Advice from shoulder dystocia lawyers

Meyers Law is a firm that is available to help clients with birth injury issues within the state of Michigan. Their lawyers can provide representation throughout the course of a civil lawsuit against a healthcare provider.

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