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A mother’s unborn baby can become injured or suffer from birth defects while inside the womb if the treating health care provider isn’t administering the health care they need. Each and every pregnancy is a unique experience for a woman and while one might be healthy enough to take certain prescription drugs without endangering the life of their child, others aren’t in a position to do so. For this reason, doctors who cater to pregnant woman need to remain cautious and careful when they prescribe a medication that could potentially harm them or their infant. Diclegis, which is currently on the market to treat morning sickness, is similar to Bendectin. Bendectin was discontinued as many became concerned as lawsuits claimed Bendectin caused birth defects.

If you feel your physician authorized you take you some form of medication that has now caused your newborn to suffer from a defect, our dependable birth injury attorneys in Tennessee are available to help you get your medical malpractice claim filed.


 Childbirth Injuries Statistics

Did you know that over 1 million individuals in the U.S. suffer from brain damage? Were you aware that a majority of these people are infants? Much of this infant brain damage occurred during the birthing process or while being delivered, and unfortunately this condition is something a child may struggle with throughout the remaining years of their life.

While not all birthing injuries lead to brain damage, the truth is, if your child suffered any sort of harm that has led to an impairment or injury, there are legal actions that can be taken to hold those health care professionals accountable for the pain and suffering they have brought on.


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While the majority of health care professionals have the ability to provide treatment at what is recognized as the standard level of care they are expected to abide by, not all do so. If you were adversely affected by a doctor who simply didn’t provide you and your baby with the attention and care necessary during the delivery process, now has never been a better time to recognize them for their wrongdoing.

You nor your newborn baby asked for this unfortunate circumstance to emerge and you should not have to bear the burden of covering all the medical expenses that will now come along with the injuries sustained.