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Were you recently hospitalized for childbirth and soon found out your precious newborn baby suffered from an injury that may have been brought on by a negligent physician? Were you harmed during the delivery process which ultimately affected your baby? If you answered yes, it is time you contact a birth injury lawyer located in Oregon today in order for them to assess the severity of your case and determine what form of legal action needs to be taken.

Some of the common impairments and/or injuries newborn babies suffer from when they are handled out of the scope of what is considered the standard level of care include:



While the seriousness of these injuries vary, no matter what level of severity your child’s injuries were, the fact is, this harm imposed could have been prevented. It is time you hold those accountable for their unwarranted actions and obtain the necessary compensation you and your family deserve to help get you through this difficult time.


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The truth is, a childbirth injury can occur in a number of ways. An expecting mother requires a significant amount of attention and must be monitored to ensure the baby as well as the mother are both healthy, and that their wellbeing is never at risk.

Unfortunately, some hospital health care professionals fail to carry out their duties or simply overlook a condition you may have been suffering from which ultimately causes direct harm to your baby. And when this occurs, there are several options you can take to recognize this physician for their mistake.

Here at USAttorneys.com, we help individuals such as yourself locate and retain a reputable childbirth injury attorney nearby. We understand how influential these legal representatives can be to your case, and that your birthing injury lawsuit has a better chance of awarding you the maximum settlement you are entitled to receive. All you need to do is take a moment and browse through the selection of birth injury lawyers that are located in your city and decide who is it you want taking on your case.

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While some cases involving medical malpractice run smoothly, others tend to become a bit complex to prove your doctor was in fact negligent. This is why you need a well-versed Oregon birthing injury law firm working on your side.

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