Nurse speaks to midwestern news source about the reality of birth injuries

Iowa City, IA – The time when a child is being born is very dangerous for both a mother and their newborn child. Even a minor mistake by a nurse or doctor while the child is being born can have serious and life changing consequences. Parents who go through a birth injury also have the option of bringing a lawsuit against the doctor or other healthcare provider who was responsible for the improper care and any resulting health problems.

The StarTribute reported on issues for both nurses and lawyers who focus on issues related to birth injuries [1].

Medical expert speaks about the dangers of birth injuries during interview

An important area of medical malpractice law is the focus on birth injuries. Birth injuries are relatively rare in the United States, but they remain a source of concern for some parents. About seven in one thousand births will have some kind of serious or severe injury that happens during the process of delivery and birth. The news source interviewed a woman who had worked as both a nurse and a lawyer, with her focus being birth injuries and other medical malpractice cases. She explained that the cases can be complex because of the amount of issues that can happen during pregnancy up until the baby is born. There was also a discussion regarding the serious nature of birth injury lawsuits, as most states require a medical expert or doctor to sign documents stating they believe there was negligence or some kind of deviation from accepted standards that caused the injury. 

Despite the fact that most parents will never have to worry about birth injuries, the woman interviewed for the article stated that pretty much every healthcare provider has at least a few horror stories of things that have happened during their career. This is because a newborn child actually goes through many potentially dangerous situations before they are safe. Even something that seems fairly minor at this critical time can cause the child to grow up needing permanent or long term care. There are also problems that can be undetected and result in serious injuries or death to the mother during pregnancy. 

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