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Birth injuries arise during labor and delivery and can adversely impact your baby for a short length of time or even for an extended timeframe. While some cases involving an injured newborn are brought on when a medical emergency has taken place and a doctor failed to acknowledge this, others are caused when a medical professional fails to monitor both the mother’s and unborn child’s heart rate during labor. Keeping track of the heart-rate is crucial to your baby’s wellbeing because it can signify if something is wrong. For instance, if your baby’s heart-rate is rapid and fast, it could mean they are in distress. If a doctor ignores this or isn’t properly supervising it, that is when things can take a turn for the worst.


Was Your Baby Harmed During Labor?

After going through the labor and delivery process, did you discover that your newborn baby was harmed in the process? Do you feel these inflicted injuries were a shear representation of an inattentive physician who failed to comply and abide by the standard level of care they were expected to follow? Is your little one now facing surgical procedures or continual treatment to correct the impairment they have had to endure?

If you answered yes, it is time you seek advice from an experienced birth injury lawyer who works with individuals and their injured infants. Your newborn baby didn’t ask to suffer with this condition, and you shouldn’t have to sit back and watch with no helping hand providing you with the necessary tools that could help ease this process and get your child the medical care they might require.

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It is Time You Hold Those Accountable for Causing Your Newborn to Suffer

You have rights as a mother or father and because your child’s injuries could have been avoided, it is time to take a stand against these careless acts that have caused your baby to suffer. Speak with a licensed and experienced childbirth injury lawyer in your city today.