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Was your baby harmed during delivery and is now forced to suffer with on-going therapy to help them achieve wellness? Were you the victim to a medical mistake during the birthing process? If you answered yes, it is important to understand that as a victim to medical malpractice, you may be entitled to receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars to help ease this process.

Childbirth is one of the main reasons why a person is hospitalized, however, did you know that statistics have proven that nearly 157,000 mothers and/or newborns have suffered from medical negligence? And while some may come forward and recognize these careless doctors for the pain and suffering they caused, others simply aren’t aware of the rights they hold.

Some of the most common types of birthing injuries and/or impairments that are found present in a newborn include:



When your newborn is identified as having one or more of the following conditions, it is time you consult with an experienced birth injury lawyer who can further determine if a childbirth injury lawsuit needs to be filed.


Why Hire a Birth Injury Law Firm in New Mexico?

Whenever you are going up against a hospital or health care professional, it is important to be aware of how complex these cases can become. You have lawyers who are fighting on their behalf and insurance companies who aren’t going to want to compensate you for all the damages you sustained. This is why you need a well-versed New Mexico birthing injury attorney working alongside of you each and every step of the way.

Not only can they speak on your behalf, but they will assess your case, collect evidence, and develop a plan of action that is going to leave your family with a favorable outcome. So where can you procure such an individual?

Right here through USAttorneys.com.


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You and your family have been faced with traumatic circumstances and it is time you have a skilled birth injury legal representative in New Mexico working on your side.