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A vacuum-assisted delivery is used to help guide your baby out of the birth canal to help avoid fetal distress and other complications that could arise if your baby isn’t naturally coming out. physicians generally use this method to avoid cesarean delivery. But, like most things, there are risks that are associated with a vacuum-assisted delivery, epically when a health care professional isn’t being as cautious and careful as they should. Basically, this vacuum extractor is a soft cup that attaches to the baby’s head with suction. Although some doctors are able to perform this type of delivery properly, others don’t and cause your baby to suffer from scalp injuries or even bleeding in their skull.

Healthline identifies some of the different types of injuries a baby can suffer from when a doctor is negligent in using a vacuum extractor and they are listed below:

  1. Cephalohematoma- this means there is “bleeding that is confined to the space under the fibrous covering the skull bone.”
  2. Subgaleal Hematoma- This is a more serious matter as the bleeding accumulates under the scalp.

If you or your baby were harmed at some point in the birthing process and are now dealing with a serious health condition that may require constant treatment, then you most definitely need to consult with an experienced and proficient birth injury legal representative in the state of Nebraska.


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