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Facial paralysis is when a baby is no longer able to move some or all of the muscles on one side of their face. This injury can sometimes be caused by trauma during birth. According to Allina Health, which controls Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minnesota, facial paralysis is generally caused by:

Although this is only one type of injury a newborn might suffer with, it is always essential that a new mother or one who has just had another child born understand whether the infant’s injuries were naturally caused and couldn’t have been prevented, or if they were the result of a negligence health care provider who didn’t do what they were supposed to.


Childbirth Injuries Caused by a Negligent Physician

Have you heard that when a health care professional fails to comply with the standard level of care they are expected to abide by, many things could go wrong. And when a person is admitted into the hospital, typically they have a pretty serious condition that requires a doctor or nurse to be highly attentive and responsive to their needs. Many individuals who find themselves being admitted into the hospital aren’t necessarily there because something is wrong. In fact, childbirth is one of the leading reasons why people are hospitalized.

But during this time, not only is a physician responsible for the health and overall wellness of an expecting mother, but also for the unborn child that is nearing their time to enter into this world. Unfortunately, while majority of doctors are able to provide their patients with a smooth delivery, others make simple mistakes that can lead to a lifetime of struggle.

If you believe medical negligence played a role in causing your newborn baby to suffer, it is time you procure a reputable birth injury attorney in Minnesota today.


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