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C-section deliveries, also referred to as a cesarean delivery, are is a procedure for delivering a child when a mother may be at-risk of delivering her baby naturally or when complications arise during the labor process. C-sections are a commonly used method for delivery in many hospitals all throughout the state of Massachusetts, however, they bring some unforeseen risks as well as those that occur when a physician is negligent or careless in their ways. Some reasons why a doctor elects to deliver a baby using the C-section method include:


Now, some of the common injuries a baby may face include:


How Do Child Birth Injuries Occur?

While some are shear accidents, other injuries are inflicted upon a newborn baby when a medical professional does not provide the mother and/or newborn with the attention and care they require. The birthing and delivery of a baby is a serious matter and should be handled with the utmost care. When a health care practitioner doesn’t adhere to these requirements, a mother and her baby could be at risk of suffering an injury or even dying.

If your treating physician failed to comply with the treatment they were expected to provide you and your unborn baby with that led to injuries during the birthing process, we urge you to take a stand against medical malpractice and procure a birth injury attorney in the state of Massachusetts today.


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While many individuals who are new to the parenting world are able to take home their newborn who is healthy and harmless, you and your significant other may be facing on-going doctors’ visits to determine what sort of treatment your baby requires to treat their condition. While this is not only unfair to you, these unfortunate circumstances may follow your child throughout the duration of their life.

It is time you stand up for your rights and fight against a negligent doctor who claims they made no sort of error. It is time you begin your search for a skilled and experienced birthing injury lawyer local to you right now and right here through our website.

You and your family deserve justice, and we want to aid you in the process of finding the birthing injury attorney who can help.