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One of the main reasons many find themselves being hospitalized is for childbirth. And while you anticipate everything will go as planned and you will soon be able to hold and comfort your precious bundle of joy, sometimes, the unexpected occurs and your child suffers from an injury. While some of these mishaps arise from natural causes that develop during delivery, others are a shear reflection of a medical mistake.

If you believe your newborn baby’s injuries were brought on as a result of a negligent doctor who failed to carry out their duties in the manner expected and did not provide you with the standard level of care you would have received elsewhere, you have rights and there are legal actions that can be taken.

The solution to holding this careless individual accountable for their error is by hiring a birth injury attorney in the state of Maryland. And this is precisely why USAttorneys.com is here.


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Although you may have finally been cleared to go back home where you hope to get your little one acclimated to their new surroundings, there are some major concerns and things that must be handed to ensure justice is served for the damage that has been done. Some of the major birth-related injuries and impairments that children suffer that are a result of a mistake that occurred during the birthing process include:



If your physician has recently informed you that your newborn’s inability to move their arms like most babies should is directly related to Erb’s Palsy, or they have been implicated by another injury that will lead to life-long therapy and possible surgery, it is time you have a reliable, dedicated, and compassionate birth injury attorney working alongside of you.

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At USAttorneys.com, we understand how devastating this time may be in your life as you expected to be reveling in the excitement that comes along with bringing a new baby into this world, not having to worry about scheduling numerous doctors’ visits to have your baby checked, scanned, and treated.

While some parents are fortunate enough to where their child recovers from a medical mistake that occurred, others aren’t as lucky. Either way, the distress and trauma, and the pain your little one had to endure is not to be taken lightly.

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