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While some expecting mothers are able to deliver their babies free from complications, other times, certain things arise that heighten the risk of the baby being born with an impairment or illness. Although things occur that are out of the hands of a doctor, if a newborn does in fact incur an injury because a physician failed to identify conditions the mother possessed that could potentially harm the child, they may be held accountable for bringing upon this unfortunate circumstance.

Some conditions doctors are supposed to take into consideration or test for include:

While it can’t be said that all of these cases make for viable medical malpractice claims, it is best determined by a Maine birth injury attorney whether or not your situation suffices as a legitimate claim. Health care practitioners are also liable for properly using birthing tools such as forceps or a vacuum as they too could harm a newborn significantly.

Giving birth is a serious time and demands all treating health care professionals to be on high alert where they can determine if a mother is at risk of losing her baby, or if difficulties are arising as the expecting mother goes into labor.

If your newborn baby was brought into this world with an injury, whether it be something treatable or an impairment that could live with them throughout the remaining years of their life, it is very important that you procure an established and skilled birth injury lawyer in your city today.


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While this is supposed to be one of the most rewarding times in your life, you might be overcome with feelings of distress, anxiety, and grief as you only want the best for your new bundle of joy. The reality of the situation, though, is that your baby was injured resulting in them possibly needing a surgical procedures and/or on-going therapy.

If you are convinced that the physician who carried out your delivery made a mistake or failed to supply you with the necessary attention which led to this misfortune, it is time to hire a birth injury law firm now.

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