Was Your Newborn Involved in a Traumatic Birth Injury Incident in Indiana?

When a mother is carrying her unborn baby, it is important that physicians monitor the fetus throughout the pregnancy to detect any possible complications. One way they do this is by monitoring the heart rate. Through this, they are able to determine whether the fetus is in distress before and during delivery. According to americanpregnancy.org, fetal distress differs from birth asphyxia, but it does mean that the fetus isn’t necessarily receiving adequate oxygen.

Some precursors to fetal distress include:

Although this condition can develop out of nowhere, it is the duty of the doctor to maintain the fetus as well as the mother’s condition to the best of their ability to prevent any further harm from occurring.


Is Your Infant the Victim of a Birth Injury?

The delivery of a baby is not only a thrilling experience, but also a strenuous one. And while you may be in the process of getting your little one acclimated to their new home and you to the idea that you now have a new member added to your family, the last thing on your mind is finding a birth injury law firm to step in and represent your case.

The fact is, some birth injury attorneys have the capability to connect you with highly qualified doctors and physicians who can treat your newborn as they work around these professionals on a regular basis. Some of the listed injuries can bring on long-lasting conditions while others will require an abundant amount of therapy. Your baby is going to need this treatment to carry on to lead a healthier lifestyle, and you want to ensure you can supply that for them.

Medical care does not come at a reasonable price, and the fact that a medical mistake was made that brought upon this injury should be acknowledged.

Hiring an Indiana child birth injury lawyer not only gives you some reassurance and support, but you have someone who understands this field and will fight to protect the rights you hold as a parent.


Stand up for the Rights of Your Injured Newborn 

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