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If you recently gave birth to your newborn baby and learned of a serious injury that was inflicted on your child, you may be entitled to receive compensation with the legal assistance a reputable birth injury attorney in Illinois can offer. Although many expecting parents refuse to plant the seed of “what ifs” when they are admitted into the hospital to deliver their baby, the fact is, statistics have proven that nearly 157,000 mothers and/or newborns have suffered from medical negligence.

Many accidents can occur inside a hospital, especially when a health care professional is negligent or careless in their ways. Because of the influx of mothers that are admitted to deliver their child, some doctors often get comfortable in their ways and fail to monitor a mother and her unborn baby. When this occurs, the baby can suffer from any of the following types of injuries:



If your newborn baby is currently suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions, consider speaking with a licensed and experienced birth injury lawyer local to you immediately as they may be able to assist you in a number of ways.


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While you may be considering what types of treatment your child is going to require because of this inflicted injury, you could also be consulting with a child birth injury lawyer where they can also use any evidence and medical information to support your case and get you one step closer to receiving the maximum settlement amount you deserve.

Your child could potentially need on-going therapy that could last a lifetime for their condition and will have to deal with the circumstances surrounding it all because of a medical mistake that was made, and could have been prevented.

Here at, we understand the hardship you have been faced with and the burden of having to find and hire a reliable and trustworthy birthing injury lawyer, however, this is precisely why we are here. We provide individuals such as yourself with access to many of the most highly regarded birth injury attorneys located nearby to you and in your city.


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Having to deal with your newborn’s injury is an obstacle in its own. Remember, you are not alone is]n this and with the right help and support you can receive from a knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in birth injury law, you are sure to receive the justice and compensation you and your family are in need of during this tragic time.