How does a family know if they can be compensated for a birth injury in Iowa?

Iowa City, IA – Although most parents do not anticipate such problems, there is the possibility that their newborn child can be injured during the process of birth and delivery. These kinds of incidents are commonly referred to as birth injuries. The prospect of such a situation is troubling, as the child or mother can experience consequences such as short term injuries, or even permanent problems caused by mistakes made by a doctor, nurse, or other hospital staff. 

Because all kinds of medical malpractice cases are different from standard injury lawsuits, it is important for the victim to retain a lawyer who has specific experience in this area of the law.  

Requirements to bring a medical malpractice case

Lawsuits such as birth injury cases implicate certain areas of the law that are related to medical malpractice. In these kinds of cases, there are safeguards in place to ensure that the lawsuit actually has merit before it can be addressed. Most of these requirements for the plaintiff to be successful are related to how the doctor or healthcare professional acted, and there needs to be a showing that another doctor in the same situation would have acted differently and not caused the injury. There also needs to be a nexus between the negligent actions of the doctor and the actual cause of the injuries. Finally, the plaintiff will need to show actual damages, such as some kind of injury or loss that requires compensation to fix. 

What is the value of the birth injury case?

Compensation in civil injury lawsuits reflects the severity of the harm suffered by the victim. The parents of the child can add up things like additional healthcare costs, their lost income, and other economic impacts of the birth injury when they bring their case. All of these amounts tend to increase if the child will have long term or permanent health problems or disabilities, and their future will be significantly affected. It is also possible to ask for similar costs if the child’s injuries were fatal. Similar calculations can be made if the mother was injured as well. There is also the possibility of asking for non-economic damages for pain and suffering caused by the defendant’s actions. 

Injury attorneys in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold is a firm that handles all kinds of injury and accident lawsuits for people in the state of Iowa. Their attorneys can speak with anyone who has more questions about these matters during a consultation.

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