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Doctors and other hospital health care professionals have considerable amount of responsibility on their hands, and when they forget to provide their patients with the standard level of care necessary, there is an increased chance of an injury occurring. The reality is that if a doctor fails to administer the proper care or monitor a mother and her unborn child, the newborn could be facing injuries that will impact their life indefinitely. For instance, if a physician doesn’t take the mandatory steps to identify any problems the mother may possess that could harm her baby, he/she neglected to carry out all the duties expected of them which could have prevented the baby from sustaining any injuries.


 What is a Childbirth Injury?

There are numerous types of complications that could arise while a baby in still inside their mother’s womb and there are also several kinds of injuries a newborn can experience. For example, brachial plexus is only type of injury your baby can suffer from. According to the Mayo Clinic, brachial plexus is the network of nerves in your body that is responsible for sending signals from your spine to your shoulder, arm, and hand. When this network is damaged, it means these nerves are stretched, compressed, or ripped or torn away from the spinal cord.

A brachial plexus injury could result in:

This type of injury only accounts for some of the birth injury claims that are filed by our reputable birth injury attorneys in Hawaii, however, they are able to handle any other type of injury case brought to their attention.

While many parents are given the privilege of having a stress-free and rewarding birthing experience permitting them to return home with their healthy child in arms, yours may have been traumatic and unforgettable. The physical and emotional anguish you and your child may have endured is not to be overlooked.

Hawaii birth Injury legal representatives fight for those who simply cannot fight for themselves nor do they have the appropriate resources to do so.


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Here at, we help injury victims find and retain a skilled and educated birthing injury lawyer local to them. As you fight to rise above the initial devastation you have been faced with upon learning your newborn has been harmed, we then encourage you to give us a call and learn how one of our agents can get your paired up with a child birth injury law firm in your city and nearby to you.