Most parents do not care whether their child is a boy or a girl as long as they’re healthy. Mothers and fathers alike spend months filled with excitement and stress hoping that everything will go smoothly on the day of the birth. This is why it’s beyond understandable that after adhering to doctor’s orders and doing everything they can to ensure their baby is born in perfect health, parents are angered and frustrated when doctors mishandle their newborns. To them, nothing is more precious and sacred than the well-being of their newborn, and anyone who even accidentally jeopardizes that should be held responsible. To achieve that we recommend consulting with a birth injury attorney in Philadelphia.

What to Know About Birth Injuries in Philadelphia

Birth injury cases can be particularly difficult to navigate. For those pursuing a birth injury case, it’s important to know the difference between birth injuries and birth defects, which according to Birth Defect Research for Children, “is a health condition or illness that forms while the infant is still in the womb whereas a birth injury occurs while the mother is in labor or in the process of delivery.”

Understandably, tensions tend to run high when it is the life and health of your newborn that is being put at risk, which is why given the sensitivity and severity of the situation, it’s crucial to consult with a lawyer who has previous experience in the matter. Even if most of them are accustomed to facing distraught parents, not all of them are capable of tending to your case with the empathy and professionalism that it deserves. This is why it’s essential that those parents whose child has sustained a birth injury, conduct some research before mistakenly settling on a lawyer who lacks the compassion and determination needed to successfully pursue the case.

According to The Cerebral Palsy Guide, “birth injury lawyers help children and families harmed by medically negligent doctors receive financial compensation.” “Birth injuries fall under a very specific area of personal injury law. Unlike other injuries such as (car accidents), birth injuries may not be apparent until months or years after the fact.” Sadly, while most parents seek skilled medical experts to deliver their babies, sometimes these professionals fall remarkably short and families are left to deal with the grave consequences of their judgment errors. Some parents who are reasonably infuriated by this may have trouble knowing how to proceed but we hope they are comforted by the fact that there are thoughtful and forceful birth injury attorneys who can guide them through the trauma while ensuring they obtain the funds needed to treat any injury their child may have sustained. For more information on those dedicated birth injury attorneys, contact PhillyLaw at (215) 515-2050.

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