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If you recently delivered your child and learned of an injury or impairment they are suffering from but believe it was brought on by an inattentive health care professional, consider speaking with a reputable and trustworthy birth injury lawyer right here in the state of Washington D.C.

While many physicians may claim your newborn baby’s injury was brought on by natural causes, the fact is, a simple mistake made on a doctor’s part could have been the ultimate cause of your child suffering from depressions in their head or shoulder dystocia. You see, birth injuries are more common than you think, and majority of the time, this impairment or harm is in fact caused by a doctor who either neglected to correctly deliver the baby or was inexperienced in their field of practice.


Child Birth Injuries

Some common conditions newborn babies suffer from include:



If you are under the impression that an unwarranted act made on behalf of the delivering doctor or nurse caused one or more of the following types of injuries or impairments, it is time you speak with an experienced and skilled birthing injury lawyer local to you in the state of Washington D.C.


Seeking Legal Aid to Represent Your Birth Injury Case

Birthing injury attorneys in Washington D.C. are able to provide you with various services. Those featured on our site are highly regarded and accredited, and will stop at nothing to see to it that you and your family receive the maximum settlement amount you are entitled to. Not only do these attorneys possess legal expertise in the field of birth injury law, but many also can help get you connected with a physician who can treat your baby for the injuries they incurred.

The only way to learn about the services they provide is by contacting them directly or giving us a call.


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A birth injury attorney is prepared to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and have the ability to get you the compensation your newborn baby’s injuries deserve.