Birth injuries can happen because of several different medical errors in Colorado

Boulder, CO – When a mother is giving birth, this is a time of increased vulnerability. It is possible that injuries can occur, and either the mother or child experiences life changing complications. Many times, this is actually the fault of either a doctor or other healthcare professional who assisted with the procedure and made a serious mistake. Victims have the option of getting legal help to pay for the injuries and losses that follow a botched birth procedure. Some of these birth injuries can become very costly, as they require permanent or long term medical treatment and affect the child’s quality of life. 

Reasons why birth injuries can happen

There are a number of root causes that are usually responsible for injuries tied to birth problems or medical malpractice generally. The first common problem is that a doctor simply waits too long to begin a course of treatment or take action to prevent someone from being harmed. While doctors should be cautious and inform patients of risks, they also should not wait until irreversible damage has occurred. 

In other cases, when a doctor examines someone, their first diagnosis can simply be wrong. This can lead to improper treatment and other problems if the initial diagnosis was mistaken. The doctor may violate their standard of care and be guilty of negligence if their attempts at diagnosing any health issue were incorrect. 

Prescription medications, including those given to a mother during birth, can be responsible for injuries and overdoses. Some patients are given the wrong medications, or they are given prescriptions that they do not actually need. There are also lists of side effects that occur when taking many medications, and in some situations these side effects can be very serious. 

Explaining medical injuries

Out of any of the possible scenarios mentioned above, it is important for victims to consult with an attorney who focuses on medical malpractice cases or a similar area of the law. They may retain an expert witness who is a doctor to testify about these problems at trial. Medical issues can be complex, and it is important that these issues are explained thoroughly to both the client and jury members at a later time if the case goes to trial. 

Time limits to bring a civil action

The statute of limitations for any kind of civil medical malpractice case in the state of Colorado is two years from the date the injury is found. Because this is shorter than the time limit for many civil cases, victims should seek assistance sooner rather than later.  

Assistance with getting legal help

Anyone who has questions about whether a lawsuit is necessary and the potential value of their case can contact a lawyer through the directory on USAttorneys.com. There are lawyers in Boulder and other cities in Colorado who focus on birth injury cases and provide consultations to possible clients.  

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