Indianapolis, INBirth injuries can cause a number of problems for a child in the future. Their ability to function normally may be diminished, which includes their earning capacity and career prospects as an adult. Any family who is affected by these issues has the option of contacting a medical malpractice attorney and bringing a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital system responsible for their problems. 

Birth problems from insufficient oxygen

A lack of oxygen or trauma to the brain during the birth procedure may result in a number of permanent conditions. This is sometimes also called birth asphyxia. Due to the damage this issue causes to the brain, some babies who experience this kind of birth injury will develop epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other issues. 

Infections during birth

There are a number of ways that the mother or the child may be infected during labor and delivery. Problems with the umbilical cord are one common cause. Bacteria can enter the birth canal and cause infections to the mother, baby, or both. A significant, untreated infection can even induce early labor. 

Doctors can usually prevent most complications related to bacteria and infections through antibiotics, or by performing a C-section if necessary.   

Improper use of tools

Doctors utilize various tools to help extract the newborn child from the mother. Due to the sensitive condition of the baby, it is possible that these tools can cause physical damage and injuries. 

The process of bringing a malpractice case

There are special rules for medical malpractice cases in Indiana and every other state. A victim can speak with their attorney to learn more about any additional procedures that may be necessary. As a general rule, a medical malpractice lawsuit is similar to a standard civil negligence case, where the victim alleges that the doctor’s deviation from the standard of care relevant to the procedure caused injuries and other losses. 

When medical treatment is the basis for the negligence case, this usually requires a review of the allegations by another doctor with knowledge relevant to the same area of practice and procedure in question. The doctor will need to explain what the relevant duty of care was, and how the defendant specifically dedicated from this standard. 

Damages are an important element in any civil case. The victim can ask for a monetary amount that is comparable to all of the losses caused by the defendant’s actions. This includes costs for additional medical treatment, lost wages, and other problems.  

Learning about about birth injuries from an attorney is a site that is available for victims of medical malpractice, and others who are potentially facing a variety of legal issues. Anyone who needs to speak with a lawyer in Indianapolis can find a licensed local professional by location and practice area. 

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