Did A Negligent Doctor in Arizona Harm Your Baby During Child Birth?

Imagine this: Your wife is admitted into the hospital as it is almost time to meet your newborn baby. You both have been anxiously awaiting his/her arrival and you are filled with joy, excitement, and even a little bit of nervousness. After the birthing process is complete, you realize your little one is unable to move in the proper manner as you expected, and it turns out, they have been diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy. Unfamiliar with what that is, you learn that your child is unable to move their arms, and it could ultimately affect their overall life later on down the road.

But what could have brought this injury on as your baby was healthy all throughout the pregnancy? Perhaps a mistake was made on the doctor’s part that ultimately led to your child suffering from this condition. While this is a hypothetical scenario, unfortunately, many newborns and families struggle with the ramifications caused by a physician’s inattentive care they provided during the birthing process.

If your newborn has suffered from any impairments, injuries, or conditions after child birth, speaking with a licensed professional at a birth injury law firm can help you receive the required care you need.


A Qualified Child Birth Injury Attorney Can Assist with Your Birth Injury Case

Some of the common injuries babies suffer from that could have been inflicted before they were born and even after include:

While some injuries vary in severity, the fact is, the birth of child was handled poorly, and the reckless individuals responsible for bringing upon adverse circumstances need to be acknowledged for their wronging.

Although you may be more focused on getting your child accustomed to their new home, you also need to consider how an Arizona birth injury lawyer local to you can exercise the rights you hold and assist in getting your child the maximum compensation they are entitled to receive in the event your newborn’s injuries were brought on due to medical negligence.


Take Legal Action with a Skilled Birth Lawyer Attorney in Arizona

While this may be a difficult time for you as you are attempting to cope with these unfortunate circumstances, it is vital you consult with a well-versed and experienced child birth injury attorney local to you in the state of Arizona.

Not only can a birth injury legal representative determine how significant these injuries are, but they can assess your case and determine with medical evidence the long term effects your child may suffer from. On behalf of you and your newborn, it is our duty to see to you that you are paired up with a caring and reliable child birth injury law firm in order to get you the compensation you and your family deserve.