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If your child was involved in a birthing mishap that has led to them suffering from significant injuries, it is vital you speak with a birth injury attorney in Alaska who can assist you along in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The fact is, statistics have proven that nearly 157,000 mothers and/or newborns have suffered from medical negligence. What determines the cause of a child’s injury once they are born is whether it was an underlying condition that was already present or if the harm itself could have been prevented had a physician taken notice to the care they were providing or the symptoms the mother was experiencing.

Some of the common types of child birth injuries and/or impairments include:



So, if your newborn baby has recently suffered from any of the above, while it is important they receive the appropriate medical treatments necessary to help them achieve overall wellness, you also want to consider hiring a skilled Alaska birth injury legal representative immediately.


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Child birth is supposed to be a time of gratitude and grace, and while you are hopeful you’re your newborn will make a full recovery, the fact is, your innocent baby is now forced to live with conditions that could ultimately require on-going treatments for the rest of their life. While they cannot fight for their rights, it is your duty as their parents’ to ensure justice is served for this negligent action and the compensation to help you and your baby get through this time is provided.

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