Mobile, AL – Medical professionals can possibly make mistakes while working just like anyone else. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of medical treatment and procedures, these mistakes often have much more severe consequences than when other professionals have problems. One problem that can be devastating to a newborn child is if errors are made during the process of delivery during birth. 

What is a birth injury? 

Hours of labor and the process of giving birth is a sensitive and dangerous time for both the mother and the newborn child. Even though doctors and healthcare professionals who are certified to give these procedures receive specialized training and are licensed by the state, they can still make mistakes that have disastrous consequences. 

Either the mother or the child can experience long term or permanent damage due to errors and poor judgment during the delivery process. 

Ways that birth injuries can happen

There are a number of different ways that birth injuries happen, and some are more common than others.

Tools and equipment that are used to assist in the process of delivering a baby can become very dangerous if used incorrectly or certain complications develop. Machinery is a potential problem considering the sensitivity of a newborn baby and the vulnerability of the mother. This is why delivery professionals need to be extremely careful with how these items are used to avoid creating additional issues. 

Administering medications is a regular duty of most physicians and nurses, however it is also a dangerous action if the medication causes side effects or is not appropriate for the patient. Some prescriptions can cause serious damage if the patient has a negative reaction or they experience other problems due to the drug during the crucial moments before and during birth. Certain medications have been linked to loss of circulation to the baby’s body once it leaves the womb. Doctors who administer these medications are guilty of negligence. 

Infections can also occur in the birth canal or get transferred from the mother to the child. Most doctors should catch and treat these issues through medication or other means before they cause more serious problems during birth. 

Remedies for birth injuries

A civil attorney can use evidence from the hospital and actions of professionals around the mother to show that they violated their standard duty of medical care. The victim can receive compensation that varies depending on the severity of the injuries. The largest amounts of compensation tend to coincide with permanent or long term health problems caused by improper care. 

Learning more from a local attorney contains listings of lawyers who focus on birth injuries and all other types of cases. People who need assistance in Mobile, as well as other parts of the state or the country can choose their lawyer by location and practice area. 

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